Interior design of cafes, bars and restaurants

A cafe, restaurant or bar is primarily a process machine.

Designing a cafe, restaurant or bar is a complex process that takes into account not only clients' profit , but also the reputation of all contractors involved in the project. For a catering project to be very successful and technologically competent, it is necessary to involve professionals of different spheres -such as architects, engineers, kitchen technologists, bar technologists, chefs, marketing and PR specialists, construction contractors. Moreover, when designing a catering project, it is crucial to consider customers' wishes and needs.

We, as architects, undertake the development of the project from the initial concept to the complete completion of the interior with furniture and decor. We are responsible not only for the visual component of the project, but also closely interact with engineers and builders, speaking the same technical language with them, solving problems on the construction site. The UP2DATE team regularly monitors global trends in Horeca, attends thematic conferences and develops with the times.

The catering project includes:

  • Development of an architectural conceptual solution;
  • Space-planning solution with furniture and equipment arrangement;
  • 3D visualization of all rooms;
  • Working documentation (without sections EL, OViK, SCS);
  • Bills of all finishing materials;
  • Specifications and drawings of all custom-made unique products;
  • Furniture and equipment specifications;
  • Author's supervision.

We state with confidence that our vision and professional approach to work will help you open a unique and successful establishment.