Interior design

Cost: from 50 USD / sq.m.

Term: 2-3 months.

Preliminary stage

First of all, we go to the object, take measurements, photograph the premises, analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Then, considering all the clients' wishes and preferences , our architects and designers develop the concept

Planning stage
The future layout of the apartment is formed on the basis of the detailed technical specifications.

Styling stage and visualization
Having decided on a planning solution, our team proposes a style solution, selects finishing materials, furniture, decor, lighting and equipment. Next, we proceed to 3D visualization of the project, following the previously chosen stylistic direction.

Working drawings
After all the details are agreed, we prepare a set of technical documentation necessary for the implementation of the project. We also provide specification for all furniture, equipment, decor and lighting.

Author's supervision

Price: 500 USD per month

In accordance with the schedule of repair work, we regularly visit the site on weekdays, make explanations on the design project to the foreman of the construction team, monitor the implementation based on the drawings and specifications of the working documentation. When needed, we correct the project documentation upon receipt of new data upon the completion of work. We also approve samples of decorative coatings and custom-made elements.

Furnishing and decoration

Price: 5-10% of the estimate

We can fully undertake the complete furnishing process , committing the production and delivery of furniture, decor, lighting and equipment only to trusted factories, workshops and salons. The list of our partners and suppliers has been carefully formed by us throughout our entire work experience, therefore, professional assistance of furnishing will allow you to save time and budget.

We also organize the order and delivery of furniture and decor items from other countries at the best prices. We cooperate with factories from the CIS, Europe and the USA. We will carry out customs clearance and deliver the furniture directly to the site

After the furniture and equipment have been arranged so that the interior is complete, we will select textiles and accessories, decorate the room, complementing it with bright accents.