Design of offices and co-working spaces

The office should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work in.

The UP2DATE team has been already working on projects for large companies, such as Bank Astana, and for small organizations.

We are guided by simple design principles - an office should not be just a workplace with desks, PCs and office equipment, an office should be a space where you can work efficiently , spend time with colleagues, achieve common goals and find solutions to problems . It is necessary to create good working conditions. There should be comfortable tables, ergonomic chairs, equipped meeting places with partners, recreational areas, as well as areas for privacy.

Планировка офиса на Коктобе.jpg

In addition to creating comfortable conditions for employees, office design must also solve business problems. It is necessary to think about the development of the company for years to come. For example, the staff can start to grow quickly, so we always think over the potential for expansion of the company, showing on layouts where and how additional jobs can be placed so that this does not negatively affect the workspace.

The office design project includes:

  • Development of a conceptual solution;
  • Functional solution with furniture and equipment arrangement;
  • 3D visualization of all rooms;
  • Working documentation;
  • Bills of all finishing materials;
  • Specifications and drawings of all custom-made unique products;
  • Furniture and equipment statements;
  • Designer supervision during repair and construction works for the entire period of the project.

UP2DATE cooperates with the leading furniture suppliers in the world. We can take over the whole furnishing process , place all orders and hand over the finished premises for work.